Club Esse Cala Gonone

  • Tipologia: Villaggio
  • Trattamento: Pensione Completa bevande incluse
  • Address: Viale Bue Marino, 08022 Cala Gonone NU
  • Regione: SARDEGNA
  • Provincia: Nuoro
  • Località: Cala Gonone

The ESSE CALA GONONE CLUB is an exclusive resort located in the suggestive setting of Cala Gonone in a panoramic position on the Gulf of Orosei. From the town of Dorgali, descend along the ancient road that winds its way through unique and breathtaking views of the gulf, to reach the quaint and very welcoming village of Cala Gonone, home to the most important fleet of excursion boats in Sardinia. In fact, the beaches of Cala Mariolu and Cala Goloritzé, recently ranked in second and third place among all Italian beaches, are in fact a few miles away by boat, Cala Luna, set of numerous films including "Overwhelmed by an unusual destiny in the 'blue sea of ​​August ”with Giancarlo Giannini and Mariangela Melato, and the Bue Marino cave, a site of incomparable beauty. To make the area of ​​Cala Gonone special and magical, the hinterland also contributes strongly: the mysterious nuragic village of Tiscali and the Supramonte, where natural monuments of great beauty are hidden such as the Gorroppu Gorge, which with its walls over 400 meters high it is the highest and largest canyon in Europe. This mountainous area, the kingdom of mouflons, is one of the temples for hikers who love trekking, flora and wildlife. The large spaces, equipment and entertainment activities typical of Club Esse guarantee a dynamic holiday dedicated to relaxation and fun.
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Urgencies     +39 3927295199
WhatsApp    +44 7452345862
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Office:  Via Fratelli Wright civ. 49/a
00043 Ciampino (Roma)

Tour Operator MB8HOLIDAYS License n. GR1097292 Regione Lazio

Insurance Company: GROUPAMA Insurance policy n.°: 110839191


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