Villette Giselle

  • Tipologia: Residence
  • Trattamento: Solo locazione
  • Indirizzo: Alezio, contrada Gelsi
  • Regione: PUGLIA
  • Provincia: Lecce
  • Località: Gallipoli

In Alezio, in contrada Gelsi, 5 km from Gallipoli. 6 km from the first sandy beaches (Baia Verde, Punta della Suina, Lido Pizzo, etc.). It is the ideal holiday for those who want to spend a relaxing holiday, in contact with unspoilt nature, enjoy large spaces for outdoor grilling
Description: The villas are all equipped with porch and masonry barbecue that emphasize the charm, the atmosphere and the warmth of the country houses. Independent villas all different from each other.
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Call Center   +39  0664833135 r.a.     Lunedì/Venerdì 9-18
Urgencies     +39 3927295199
WhatsApp    +44 7452345862
Namiro Srls 
Sede Operativa Via Fratelli Wright civ. 49/a
00043 Ciampino (Roma)

Tour Operator MB8HOLIDAYS licenza n. GR1097292 Regione Lazio

Compagnia assicuratrice: WeBind Polizza assicurativa n°: 110839191

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